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3D Animation

3D Animation

You get an exciting opportunity to understand filmmaking techniques and new-age production workflow.

Visual Effects (VFX)

Visual Effects (VFX)

The Visual Effects (VFX) courses have been designed keeping in mind the latest trends of the field.

Game Designing

Game Designing

A special course in gaming helps you learn to create games for PCs, laptops mobiles, and tablets.

Graphic Design & Multimedia

Graphic Designing & Multimedia

Graphic, print, and web design courses get you placed in animation studios, production houses, web designing firms.

Short Term

Short Term Courses

Job oriented courses in animation, digital filmmaking, digital photography helps you quickly make a career in the media industry.


The fast growing media and entertainment industry has become a hot favourite amongst today’s generation.

Career courses inanimation, vfx, multimedia and production have open doors to glamourous and lucrative jobs in the media and entertainment industry.

The world of animation is exciting. It is an ideal platform for creative minds who want to give life to their ideas with different technical tools and present the same through games, movies, advertisements, video clips, and pictures. If you are one of them who dreams to build a career in this industry, then you need to be a part of the MAAC family.

MAAC Dharampeth is the best institute in Nagpur that offers animation, gaming, VFX, broadcast, photography, filmmaking, and web designing courses. MAAC Dharampeth is equipped with the best infrastructure, computer lab, latest animation tools and software the industry can boast of and rich experienced faculties. 3D animation, game designing, media and entertainment, multimedia, and VFX courses are the major MAAC Courses. Join MAAC Dharampeth and prepare yourself for an exciting career in the media industry.

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