MAAC has a dedicated team that works all year round to organize events.

These events provide an opportunity for students to showcase their skills & to interact with experienced professionals from the animation, VFX, gaming, and media & entertainment industry.

The education gained from these events helps students become job-ready by the time they complete their course.

Career Counselling Form

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Types Of Events


The various MAAC events cater to different types of people. Some of the people who attend MAAC events are:

 Animation & VFX students – both MAAC students & others

 Animation Studios & Industry professionals, from India & overseas

 Anyone with talent & passion for animation, gaming, VFX, web & graphic designing, and media & entertainment.

Benefits For MAAC Students

Exposure to competitive studio environment

Opportunity to learn & interact with experts from the industry

Showcase talent & get live feedback on work

Opportunity to network with national & international-level professionals and get mentored by seniors in the industry

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